FAQ Norwegian Apprenticeship

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants must:

⬤  Passed Norwegian high school
⬤  Good English skills
⬤  No criminal record
⬤  Good swimming skills
⬤  Good health
⬤  Lower age limit: 19 years
⬤  Comply with our tattoo policy
⬤  Minimum height: 1.60 (this is for safety reasons)

Can I apply if I have a tattoo?

We permit tattoos if they can be covered up by the uniform.

Norwegian also allows small tattoos on hands, feet and behind ears no larger
than 0.5” X 0.5”.

We do not accept visible tattoos referring to religious, political, environmental or
ideologically views.

These tattoos must be covered by the uniform. It is your personal responsibility
that the tattoos are not visible.



Can I apply if I have a piercing?

Piercings shall not be visible and must be covered by the uniform. Tongue jewelry is not permitted, neither is tongue piercing, splitting, earlobe expansion or disfiguring skin implants. For the female uniform, earrings are permitted with maximum one small round stud per earlobe.

How do I apply?

Please click on the “apply now” button on vacant positions found at our career page: https://careers.norwegian.com.
Your resume should give us enough information to know why we should hire you.
As a minimum you should always include:
Your personal information
Your updated address and country of residence
Your previous/current education and work experience with focus on tasks relevant for the Apprentice positions listed under.

A good idea is also to list key facts of competencies you hold that would make you suitable for the job you are applying to. Read the listing for the position you are applying too and try to mirror that with your own experience. Make it easy for the recruiters to see why you are the right person for the role.

Applications can only be made through this website. Applications received through other sources (for example, by telephone, e-mail or other Norwegian employees) will not be accepted.

Who do I contact if I need assistance with my application?

Please contact apprentice@norwegian.com

Where will the assessment day/interview be held?

The assessment day/interview will be held at our head quarter located on Fornebu.

When will I know the outcome of my application?

We try to handle the applications as soon as possible. Please note that the processing time post-interview can take a while, but the recruitment team do work to make every process as quick as possible.

If I am unsuccessful, when can I re-apply?

You can re-apply 12 months after you get the unsuccessful notice.

If I am successful when can I start?

If you are successful after your assessment and background check, we will notify you by phone. Once you accept our offer proposal, we will contact you and inform of your course date/start date.
You will be asked to provide comprehensive documentation for the last five years in all countries you have been working, living, studying. Gaps over 28 days must also be documented with a gap letter. You will also need to provide us with your criminal record check (CRC). You will then need to have a medical check by an aeronautical doctor to get your Medical license issued to start the Initial training course for Cabin Crew.  

I have booked vacation before starting as apprentice, will that be granted?

For the duration of the training course annual leave cannot be taken. You can request leave once you join, but please be aware that even though we will do our best to accommodate your request we might not be able to grant it.

Does the training have any cost?

No, the training does not cost anything for you. You will get paid a basic salary for the duration of the training.

Which module is the longest?

The period in the cabin will be the longest.

Which aircraft will I be flying?

As apprentice you will be flying on our Short Haul network (Boeing 737-800 or the 737 MAX.).

Will I get paid during the apprenticeship?

Yes, this is a paid education. The salary will be composed of a fixed part and a variable part connected to the amount of flying duty. More information regarding terms and conditions will be given at the assessment day /interview.

Can I start the apprentice program even if I haven’t passed all the subjects from high school?

Applicants who have not passed all high school subjects (fellesfag) will not be considered.

Can I apply even if I have got High School from other countries than Norway?

The apprenticeship is an education build on the subjects from Norwegian High School, so it is not possible to start as apprentice without High School from Norway.

Can I apply even if I can`t swim?

It is a requirement to be able to swim to start as apprentice.

Can I apply even if I do not speak Norwegian or Scandinavian?

Most of the training takes place in Norwegian, so it is important to understand the Norwegian language.

How is the working hours?

The working hours varies. Sometimes you work shift, while you in other periods work regular office hours.

Do I have complete all the modules or can I apply for just one of them?

You have to complete all of the modules and can not choose just one or two of them.

Will Norwegian provide housing during my apprenticeship?

No, you will have to arrange housing during your apprenticeship if moving from other cities to Oslo district to start your apprenticeship.

Norwegian will arrange housing when working abroad related to the apprentice program.

Where can I find more information about apprenticeship schemes in general?

More information can be found on the Fagopplæringen at Akershus' website www.yrke.no.