About the application process

⬤  The crew recruitment processes are ongoing throughout the year, so depending on where we are in each process, the time it takes for us to respond may vary.
⬤  If you meet the requirements you are invited to complete our online assessment, you will need to complete the assessments before you are considered further in the process.
⬤  If you experience technical issues with your tests, you can contact the test provider Cut-e, norwegian@cut-e.com. If you don't receive the invite, please check that you email  address is correct in the system and check your junk-mail folder.
⬤  After finishing the tests, it will take some time to process the results and either we or the agency will get back to you.
⬤  If you pass the tests, you will be considered for invitation to the assessment day.
​⬤  All candidates will receive the outcome of their application once the recruitment process is complete, but please be aware that this can take several months during peak recruitment times. We thank you in advance for your patience.
⬤  If you are rejected after an interview for a cabin crew position, you need to wait at least 12 months before you apply again.